About Us

Koko Restaurant was established in 1955, it is a landmark in the beautiful city of Cairo with the capacity of 120 visitors. Koko is the place where tourists can enjoy all types of grilled, sea and fast food as well as international meals. Additionally, Koko provides catering services for companies, banks, hotels, clubs, cruisers and hospitals. The home delivery service is available as well as a section for fixing banquets, Akika, open buffets and Iftar.

All types of grilled food served by Koko; whether meat, chicken, seafood, fast food and sandwiches are of a very special taste. The very special dish of Koko Potatoes is exclusively served by Koko.

Koko has a class A team including Chefs, cooks, waiters, distributers and administrators making it the place of the best and the most delicious meal. Cairo City, Alsherouk, Alobour, Badr and Alasher men Ramadan City is fully covered by a home delivery network.

Koko is a very cozy place where everybody can enjoy relaxation and contemplation amid the original Egyptian atmosphere created by the oriental style of decorations and furniture. Koko Restaurant is located in the heart of Cairo City in the very lively street of Ramses connecting a group of famous squares and Cities such as Tahrir square, Abassya, Al-Daher and Kobri El Kobba and Alshorouk City, Alobour, Badr And Alasher men Ramadan City making the access very easy. Soon, other branches will be opened to ensure the full coverage of Egypt.


Ghamra Branch

271 Ramsis St. – Ghamra – Cairo, Egypt.

Al-Shorouk City Branch

Mall Sky Plaza - Next to Carrefour Al-Shorouk City,

Nasr City Branch

11 Ahmed Qassem Gouda St. from Abbas El Akkad